"I make artwork because I think I’m funny"

I like to sate people’s desire to chuckle at bad puns, cheeky euphemisms and swear words by placing images together that – quite frankly – should have been left apart.

Collage making allows me to act out the role of Dr Frankenstein, taking parts of other people’s photographs and fusing them together to make something that is often extremely odd.

I like to frustrate myself by only using images from magazine supplements and free DIY catalogues, which means that I don’t always find a picture that I’m looking for, resulting in the piece I am attempting to create getting altered entirely from the original layout.

Although the images I use are limited, the themes of the work are diverse, though I regularly find myself taking inspiration from science and philosophy topics.

I like to drink wine while I make work, as it adds an element of chance and mystery to the process when I return to the collage the next day.

My name isn’t really Keith Bloody Mary, I just like working under a different name to confuse people (it makes things like admin particularly hilarious for everyone involved).




Unfashioned Creatures

Unfashioned Creatures

Riffs for Revolution

Riffs for Revolution

CollAge : Fly Guys

CollAge : Fly Guys

What the Flock?!

What the Flock?!


Details of exhibitions, publications, projects and commissions can be found in the 'blog' section


2021 Open Exhibition, Surface Gallery Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, Online

2020 Group Exhibition, ANALOG, Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington, UK

2020 Collaborative Project, Fly Guys, Collaboration with Nottingham Veterinary Medicine School, Hockley Arts Club Nottingham, UK

2020 Open Group Exhibition, HOME open 2020, Manchester, UK

2019 Collaborative Project, Culture Cure Late, Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), Manchester, UK
2019 Group Exhibition, Reunion, Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool, UK

2018 Group Exhibition, Manchester School of Art Master’s Show, Manchester, UK

2018 Collaborative Project, Absolute Beginners, King’s Arms, Manchester, UK

2018 Collaborative Exhibition, Cluster Collective, OA Studios, Manchester, UK

2018 Collaborative Project, Soapbox Science, Gravity Fields Festival, Grantham, UK

2018 Solo Exhibition, Unfashioned Creatures, Wigan STEAM, Wigan, UK

2018 Residency, Natus residency programme, Wigan STEAM, Wigan, UK

2018 Collaborative Project, Soapbox Science, Bluedot festival, Macclesfield, UK

2018 Group Exhibition, To Board a Plane, OA studios, Manchester, UK

2018 Group Exhibition, The Museum of Everyday Life, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, UK

2017 Collaborative Project, Get It Done, Goodstock, Manchester, UK

2016 Solo Exhibition, Just your average private view, Drs Orders, Nottingham, UK

2016 Collaborative Exhibition, Dizzy Ink Brexit project, Quad, Derby, UK

2016 Solo Exhibition, What a thing to say – and on my birthday! Pepper Opal Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, UK

2016 Group Exhibition, SHE UK, Tanner Street, London, UK

2015 Group Exhibition, Yours Comes Comitis, Firstsite, Colchester, UK

2015 Residency, Circuit / Organisational Change, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK

2014 Group Exhibition, Five, Bohunk Institute, Nottingham, UK



aAh! Magazine (2020), The FOOD Issue, issue.3, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Here Comes Everyone (HCE) (2019), The Classified Issue, vol.9 issue.1, Silhouette Press, UK 

Planet Bee (2019), Planet Bee, September 2019, vol. 2, Manchester University, Manchester, UK

Leftlion (2018), The first 100 covers, Leftlion Ltd, Nottingham, UK

Phox Pop Magazine (2018), Phox Pop - Art | Science | History, issue 5, UK

Siege Magazine (2018), Siege Magazine, vol.1, Manchester, UK

Leftlion (2018), Leftlion Magazine #99, March 2018, vol. 99, Nottingham, UK

Sober Magazine (2018), Issue One: Identity, SOBER., vol.1, [online]

Timmins, B. (2016) Gender neautral artist and bad taste curator: Keith Mary, XXY Magazine, 21 Nov 2016 [online] 

Sweet’art (2016), SHE, Sweet’art, London, UK

Average Art Magazine (2016), Average Art 1, vol.1



An ongoing project documenting individual stories of cancer and ideas of fate through collage

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An online platform that simulates analogue collage for use in digital workshops with Keith Bloody Mary. Use the contact form below to find out more.


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