• Keith Bloody Mary

[EXHIBITION] Culture Cure Late in collaboration with Cancer Research, MSI, 2019

In 2017 Keith Bloody Mary worked with Cancer Research (under the name Alice Thickett), making two giant material banners. After which, the work was been shown in various locations, and written about in magazines. In March 2019 the work was shown for the first time alongside activities created by researcher's from Cancer Research, Manchester at a MSI (Museum of Science & Industry) late event called Culture Cure.

(Making the decision to not work under the name Keith Bloody Mary has created a communication difficulty but because of the subject of the work and the change in style it seemed appropriate.)

Other places to read about the work, Cancers are listed below.

Essay about the project read at Pint of Science, 2018

Work with Soapbox Science, 2018

Featured in Phox Pop Magazine, 2018

Cluster Collective Exhibition as part of Manchester Science Festival, 2018

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