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[WORK] Parable of the Saint of Artfulness and the feast

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Parable of Saint of Artfulness and the feast

“Let the world’s population have a fast food restaurant on every street corner. Let all nations of the world know of Mac which is of Donalds.”

And the people rejoiced for they saw the neon sign, and knew that even when they were in a foreign land, they would still have their fill.

But the Lord grew bored and on the tenth opening, The Lord said, let there be weight gain and the people gained in weight, and the Lord was pleased.

Damien the surgeon spoke to the most afflicted; of which was Kim. Damien the surgeon advised Kim for 7 months and 7 days, and the result of her sin was placed behind her.

And the Lord came to Kim and said,

“A miracle has been performed before me, as you have truly re-created yourself in my image. You shall be known as Saint of Artfulness and you will forever feast without restraint, knowing that your butt will always be round, your stomach flat and your face tight. Get it all done.”

So Kim got it done, and the people rejoiced.

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