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[WORK] Parable of the Saint of Persevering and the plague of frogs

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Parable of Saint of Persevering and the plague of frogs

The Lord was angry and for some vengeful reason sent a plague of frogs to the earth. In the time of tinder and match, Jodie was paired with those that were sinners and the unclean, yet Jodie toiled for many dates.

In the time of match, there was Dave, son of Keith, with an unusual interest in feet, and Mark, son of Tony, who was grammatically challenged. In the time of Tinder there was Craig, son of Phillip, who was known as a fuck boy in his city.

30 days and nights past, until the day came when Craig, son of Phillip sent a message and proclaimed his loyalty to Jodie. But Jodie had grown tired of Craig’s lies and saw the message but did not respond. Craig did not message again, and low, a miracle was performed.

The Lord came upon Jodie and said,

“I have sent you many tests, and you have shown great strength in your right hand. You will be blessed with wine and plenty of fish and you will be known as the Saint of Persevering. Blessed is the woman who shares her evenings with the difficult and weird, and may she forever enjoy the fruits of the vine at the expense of man.”

So it was done, and the people rejoiced.

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