• Keith Bloody Mary


With life moving online in 2020 due to Covid19, I decided to collaborate with programmer Alistair Evens (twitter: @evocationist) to make a digital collaging platform that simulates analogue collage practice for when I can not take materials or myself to a venue for workshopping.

The collaboration resulted in the launch of CollageIT (pictured below). Alistair experimented with new code, which allowed for the images to be placed, rotated, and overlaid and for a coloured background to be added. We also discussed the restrictions that make cut and paste collaging so surreal, for example, not being able to change the scale of the images, or only being able to use one image from the collage 'box' and made these part of the platform's experience. I am able to add a range of images to the platform which fit with individual workshop themes.

I am hoping that this platform will come in to use in 2021. Anyone interested in finding out more should email me at - and you can use the demo version at - happy collaging!

(Screenshot of the demo version of CollageIT)

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