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Updated: Mar 20, 2019 17 July - 10 August 2018 

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Natus Residency: Keith Bloody Mary

June 28, 2018 by jakubsteam

We’re excited to announce that the artist undertaking our Natus Residency over the summer will be Manchester-based Keith Bloody Mary. Alice Thickett, who works under the pseudonym Keith Bloody Mary, is currently studying for an MA in Visual Culture at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work is most often found in bars, pubs, and illustrated zines – most notably she designed a cover and double page spread for Nottingham magazine Left Lion earlier this year.

Keith will spend a number of days working in the Wigan STEAM Gallery as an open studio, before exhibiting in August. During the residency, Keith will piece together collage relating to biology, genetics, and mutations much like a new age Dr Frankenstein. Through farming, industry and DNA programming, humans continue to change the planet bringing us into a new era called the Anthropocene. With a humorous twist, Keith will be investigating the research and biological experiments humans are currently engaging in that are having a direct impact on the earth.

‘we’re going to need a bigger boat’ 2018Keith is also going to be running some workshops which will feed into her project, here’s your chance to get involved!

In ‘Cut, Paste, Repeat’, Keith invites you to create a new artist name for yourself before making collage pieces with a slight twist. Like conducting scientific research you’ll be using trial and error and (artistic) experimentation to piece together a collage using pre-prepared images. You can find out more information and book here:

In ‘Frankenart’, participants will take the role of an artistic Frankenstein in this relaxed collage workshop. Use pictures of body parts and objects from magazines to make the humans of the future. Every creature, cyborg and mutant will be used to put together a zine, which will be available for people to take home during Keith Bloody Mary’s exhibition in the gallery in August.

Find out more information and book onto this one here:

You can visit Keith Bloody Mary’s open studio from Tuesday 17th July – Tuesday 7th August, and her exhibition from Saturday 11th August – Saturday 1st September. Additionally, you can join us for the exhibition opening on Saturday 11th August from 1pm – 3pm.

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