• Keith Bloody Mary

[WORKSHOP] Going out with a bang - part of Manchester Science Festival, 2018

Workshop as part of a closing party for the Cluster Collective exhibition as part of the Manchester Science Museum (2018). Each artist featured in the exhibition created a page that illustrated their work and science research. Visitors to the exhibition were encouraged to collect the pages thy wanted in a zine. With Keith Bloody Mary, they made a cover for the zine collaging images relating to science and art and the themes bought up in the artwork at the exhibition. They then sewed the zine together with artist Michelle Kothari creating a bound zine they were invited to take away with them.

Below are images from the workshop and the text that was used to advertise the event which took place on the 27 October 2018.

'Come along to the closing party of our special exhibition, Cluster. The creators of the artworks are having a shindig to share a little bit about how they created their works. Grab a drink, enjoy the music and join the artists in painting a picture of how the science influenced the art and the art the science, giving you an unprecedented insight into the creative journey.' original text here

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